Sunday, March 20, 2016

GOP Elites Continue to Ignore

This past week the Republican Party leadership IGNORED their constituents AND their Conservative principles. They sold-out their Republican base and allowed Obama's choice for Education Secretary.

John King is a staunch supporter of Common Core in spite of the fact that Conservatives want the States in charge of their own education curriculum. Thank Mitch McConnell once again for being Obama's best buddy.

Under McConnell and John Boehner (both TRAITORs to Conservative principles), the US Congress dropped their promise to lower spending by passing the Omnibus Spending bill. They funded ObamaCare and allowed it to expand coverage for ILLEGALS. They refused to pass Kate's Law because it may offend ILLEGALS. They renewed the Patriot Act which STEALS personal freedoms for the sake of protection. They renewed the National Defense Authorization Act that ILLEGALLY gives our military the power to arrest US citizens and hold them indefinitely without benefit of a lawyer.

Yes, Congress has been busy. The Establishment continues to drive America into the ground and there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for their incompetent actions.

SO when you have a chance to vote, this is your last chance to try and fix the problems facing the nation. VOTE-OUT ALL INCUMBENTS. If they have served more that 2 terms, they all need to go. They are the reason America is going in the WRONG DIRECTION. Don't keep re-electing these BASTARDS!

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