Thursday, July 9, 2009

Global Warming and How It Directly Affects You

Global Warming is a theory that the earth's average temperature is increasing because of man-made pollution. It is theorized that increasing global temperatures will cause sea levels to rise and will result in vast climactic changes like glaciers melting, rain forests shrinking, species extinctions, and changes on agricultural yields.

Another theory was widely held in the 70's. Back then, it was believed that the earth was cooling and that we were headed for a new Ice Age! So much for that idea!

Note: Global Warming is presently still just a theory. Scientists around the world do not agree that this is happening as outlined by the United Nations and the Kyoto Protocol scientists. An opposing group of eminent scientists strongly believe that the sun is the underlying cause for our climate fluctuations and not humans. (Incidentally, President Bill Clinton signed the Kyoto Protocol during his administration. However, Congress never ratified it. Ironically, China and India to this day, refuse to sign this treaty. They say that it will cost too much to abide by it).

But our government has accepted the Global Warming theory without conclusive proof. Currently they want to pass massive legislation to help stop Global Warming that will have serious consequences to all Americans. This legislation is the Cap and Trade bill. Unfortunately, there has never been any meaningful discussion on the pros and cons regarding this subject. In fact, our government has closed the door to any discussions and automatically assumed that Global Warming is reality!!

Regrettably, our own Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just suppressed a comprehensive report that contradicts the "accepted" theory, making the passage of the Cap and Trade bill more difficult, if published. Ironic that it DOES NOT support the theory HUH? We should demand that Congress investigate the reasons that this report was squelched, as well as, publishing the uncensored findings to the public.

Politicians like Al Gore are seriously interested in promoting Global Warming because he has made financial investments in companies that deal in selling and trading carbon credits - so called "green companies." Isn't this a conflict of interest? Shouldn't we be skeptical when we know this is happening? Who should we believe?


  1. Once again the government is trying to pull a fast one on the people. Say goodbye to "Global Warming" and say hello to the term "Climate Change". Make no mistake it is the same thing, and it is a scam!

  2. My last paragraph sums it up. Politicians stand to gain along with the special interests they are in bed with. Even Bill O'Reilly claims that the Cap and Trade bill is a rip off!