Monday, July 6, 2009

What Are Tea Parties and Why Are They Important?

A Tea Party is a group of people from all backgrounds and all political parties (or with no party affiliations) who are unhappy with the complete lack of representation in Washington.

They are composed of regular folks and NOT politicians. All have a common feeling or understanding about government. It's no longer working for us any more. However, we CARE about America and the direction it is headed.

This isn't just about the current administration, but also applies to the past ones as well. It always boils-down to the worst of two evils when it's time to vote. Why is this? Why can't we have better choices?

We feel ignored, and worse, talked-down to in a condescending way from those in office (either party). Government officials believe we (Americans) don't care about government or that we are too stupid to "understand" the "complexities" in the new laws. Consequently, they treat us like a 10 year old or like people who have a low IQ. How dare they think that!

We need to change this! And, we can - peacefully! How? We need to organize as a grass roots movement. That's why Tea Parties are becoming more and more popular and somewhat more visible throughout the country (no thanks to the media). There is a current interest growing in joining these Tea Parties.

The last thing politicians want is a large formal organized group to ask questions publically and demand straight answers for their behavior, bailout legislation, and extreme deficit spending (that they don't even read before passing)!

We know that the media will NOT ask any tough questions. A strong example of this occurred recently when ABC aired a one hour "infomercial" to help the President market and sell his expensive National Health Care program. There were no opposing views allowed to air.

That's pure government propaganda sponsored freely by the mass media. (Incidentally, when opposing views wanted to pay for commercial air time during the presentation, they were denied air time by ABC executives). This should make you feel uncomfortable, if not outraged!

Tea Parties help fill this gap and strive to get the "silent majority" active with a group that shares common interests. Think of a Tea Party as a lobbying group. United we stand. Divided, we get what we have - on out-of-control government.

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