Sunday, July 5, 2009

Purpose of This Blog

What It Is
This blog is a blog of personal opinion. It discusses political issues that affect our lives. It contains discussion and opinions on Federal legislation and the people writing it. It describes their objectives and goals.

Hopefully, it will contribute in a positive way to the grass root movement in the United States that (for the moment) remains nameless. It supports Tea Parties and the 912 Project movements and the ideas they promote for America.

What It Is Not
This blog is Not a tool for anarchy. It is Not an organized plan for violence. It does Not advocate an overthrow of the government. It is not a hate website. It does Not intentionally post content to upset people to promote anger or aggressive behavior. It is Not a political party. It is Not a Fascist or Progressive organization nor does it support Fascism or Progressivism in any way. This blog is Not a wing of ANY government.

To get you to consider joining a Tea Party or 912 Project group. To get people who care about America to become aware that they can make a difference as an individual. To provide information regarding legislation and say why it is important to you and how it affects your family and life.