Saturday, July 25, 2009

Latest Obama Gaff

Now that we have a half black President, one would think that we are past the bickering and name calling using the race card. It happened enough during the Presidential campaign. However, our own President made a racial remark against a white police officer in aid of his personal African American friend, Harvard Professor Gates, who was recently arrested for disorderly conduct.

Unfortunately, the President's remark was made on prime time TV during a press conference with an audience of millions on Americans. A question came from a Chicago-based reporter regarding this incident. The President responded that he did not know the facts about the case and then stated that the "Cambridge Police acted stupidly". Thus, implying that racial profiling was used by the arresting officer (who happened to be white). That's an offensive remark directed towards the arresting police officer! Now Obama's trying to back-down from it.

The Whitehouse staff are now saying that Obama did "not call the police officer stupid," but the damage is done. Juan Williams (an African American NPR correspondent) said that "this was not a case of racial profiling".

Frankly, Obama's remark was STUPID! He embarrassed himself and he doesn't even know it or doesn't care! This illustrates his political naivety. He let his personal emotions get in the way of objective judgement.

Not only did the President shame himself for being ignorant of the facts before making any remarks, but he also stirred-up racial relations as well as teed-off, disgraced, and offended ALL police officers throughout the country. A nice demonstration of world leadership! A simple "No Comment" would have sufficed.

This points-out and illustrates Obama's lack of experience and political savvy with regards to the office he holds. Foreign leaders (especially Russia's Putin) have low esteem for him.

In today's local newspaper the Times-News (subsidiary of the New York Times), Obama injects race once again in his comments. The newspaper states " President Barack Obama conceded Friday that his words were ill-chosen when he commented that Cambridge Mass., police acted 'stupidly' in arresting black scholar Henry Lewis Gates Jr. Though he stopped short of a public apology, Obama said the white arresting officer was a good man and invited him and the professor to the White House for a beer."

I support the Cambridge Police Department and hope they get more than an offer for a free beer from the President! They deserve an apology.


  1. By the way, it is rumored that this "gaff" was deliberate so it would deflect the negative attention being published regarding Obamacare. Interesting food for thought.

  2. It's rumored that the focus of your blog is to bring down Obama, not to make our country better.

    You whine about everything he does, but never offer any solutions.

    You continue to post "facts" without supporting evidence. Reporting rumors is irresponsible.

    Please name the foreign leaders that you claim have low esteem of Obama (besides Chavez, Putin, and Castro). And cite your sources.

    And since you hold Putin in such high regard, maybe you'd like to move to Russia.

    I'm EXTREMELY disappointed at your lack of objectivity and your proclivity to post rumors, opinions, and lies as facts. You're a better person than that. Come on buddy.

    By the way, there's no need for you to publish this blog. I can read the same stuff on Sean Hannity's blog.

  3. By the way, I completely agree that Obama's statement was stupid and irresponsible. I also strongly support the law enforcement people who put their lives no the line every day for our protection. He did them a great disservice.

    As far as I'm concerned, both Gates and Obama are the ones guilty of profiling in this case. Unfortunately, it's unlikely we'll hear any of the talking heads on cable news saying that, since it's not politically correct.