Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Valid Election Results?

As Americans we believe that when there is an election, we get accurate results. However, the facts are starting to point in the other direction.

Voting Machines - Are They Trustworthy?

The last Presidential election relied heavily on the use of electronic voting machines. Are you aware that many of the voting machines used in the last Presidential election we never officially "certified" before they were used in the actual election? This includes the touch screen machines widely used.

Ever since the "hanging chads" fiasco in Florida, millions have been spent to try and eliminate the Florida fiasco. However, electronic voting machines still present a variety of problems. These range from actual data loss (lost votes) to tabulation accuracies. Critics claim that there is no way to guarantee that the electronic ballots get tallied correctly because there is no way to provide an independent audit from the touchscreen machines. This criticism remains today.

Several states are "junking" these electronic voting machines for these reasons. They are going back to paper ballots. Is this the answer? It remains unclear.

Voter Fraud
Various states are in the process of raising criminal charges against ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), including New Mexico, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Additionally, ACORN is being investigated in 20 states for election fraud.

Fox news has publically denounced ACORN and has alleged that they are in some serious money laundering scheme using taxpayer's dollars.

The Obama administration has close ties politically with ACORN. The President himself worked for ACORN before being elected President.

And ironically, our Congress refuses to investigate these accusations because they claim they are unwarranted as stated by two notable Congressmen, Barney Frank of Massachusetts and John Conyers of Michigan.

In spite of these allegations, ACORN is strongly lobbying to get more tax dollars to fund their activities. Incidentally, since they have received so much negative publicity, they are considering a name change for the organization.

Oh, one more thing, Obama has designated ACORN to perform the task of taking the next Census. I'm sure there's a message there about trust and obligations.

Keep a watchful eye on ACORN. There are too many unanswered questions regarding their integrity and honesty.

Invalid Election Example

If you believe that the Senate results in Minnesota concluded with an "honest" result, then you are a fool. Electronic machines were used, as well as, paper ballots. Millions of dollars were spent by both parties in trying to get an "accurate" recount of the election. It never happened.

One strong reason for this long fought battle was the fact that the Dems wanted to have a full majority of 60 votes in the US Senate. Consequently, people from everywhere outside of Minnesota began donating money, time, and resources to help Al Frankin "win" the election. Besides the usual Hollywood crowd making donation to Frankin, the infamous George Soros donated several million to him as well. Over 300 lost ballots were found in the trunk of someones car. These were added to the count. Ironically, most ballots were for Al Frankin. Precincts recorded more votes than they had registered voters. Wasn't that odd?

That election was a joke!

How can you be sure this isn't happening where you live and vote? You can't! However, you can ask Congress to investigate ACORN for a start.

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