Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Sign Up?

The President gave another prime-time press conference and, unfortunately like Congress, hasn't taken the time to read what he is trying to sell to Americans. Paradoxical huh?

Many rumours have circulated about the proposed legislation and the Dems have refused to let Republicans disseminate information to their constituents because it contains "misleading" information. Now that sounds fair and balanced. What are they trying to hide? How about letting us be the judge or are we too stupid to read it - let alone understand it?

We do know that the proposed program would:

  • Reduce Medicare/Medicade fees
  • Raise taxes
  • Force employers of small businesses to offer all employees health insurance or pay an 8% tax of their payrolls.
  • Set up a government owned health care program that encompasses almost 20% of our economy.

So far, the Fed has taken over and federalized the following:

  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Fannie and Freddie Mac mortgages
  • Chrysler and General Motors automobile manufacturing

The Trend
Don't you see a trend developing? There is an emergency. We pass new 1000 page plus legislation without reading it. The government takes ownership of what was once private owned business and industries.

Do you find this comforting? Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy? Is it OK for the government to expand its power over you and others by this magnitude? How do you define a seizure? Isn't it the act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of property? Does the Constitution have wording that allows the government to do so? You'd better wake up! It DOES NOT HAVE THIS POWER LEGALLY TO DO SO!!

Food For More Thought
Are you aware that Congress, and the President have their own "special" medical coverage? It's quite good, and never refuses treatments. It is good for life - even after they leave office and they don't have to pay for it. Why should they ever have to worry again? They don't.

Their life saving legislation should be good enough for all of us. It should be applied in all it's concepts, good or bad for all Americans including THEM! The same goes for Congress. Why we could save millions of dollars with this simple approach.

Watch the hypocrites closely. They Never would consider this option!! But we should insist that they do!

So why not set a good example Mr President. Drop out of your medical plan and be the first to sign up for the new government program. Make sure your wife and kids are
included also.


  1. Not to draw attention away from the matter (like the President), but no thoughts on Obama's comments regarding the issue in Cambridge MA?

  2. Blazing Star,Ironic that you mention it. It's coming soon...

    Imagine, our President making a RACIAL remark!

  3. I've already said it -