Monday, August 31, 2009

Medicare Advantage is One Target

In order to help pay for ObamaCare, the government will eliminate $177 Billion dollars from Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage was initiated in 2003 to allow seniors to use Medicare funds to purchase private insurance plans to fit their personal needs and budgets. Seniors get better care at a better value for money spent. This law also had built-in incentives to encourage insurance companies to offer lower costs and more benefits. It puts patients in charge of their own healthcare - not the government. That's why the Obama administration is trying to eliminate it!

Over 10 Million seniors have enrolled in this program to date. Obama's cuts to this program amount to 20% of it. This would reduce the amount of dollars these people would have to buy the insurance. In effect, cutting this program or forcing participants to leave it! So much for Obama's promise made in New Hampshire " if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan." That is a LIE!

Coming Media Blitz
Get ready for the upcoming BLAST of commercials forthcoming in September. The DEMS/Progressives have been preparing a strong media blitz that will begin soon. They have raised over $100 MILLION dollars to help promote their government program. Don't be fooled America.

They still do not have the money to pay for this legislation. They STILL will have rationing. They still will lie to you and tell you that it does NOT pay for abortions. They will lie to you and say that it won't cover ILLEGAL ALIENS - it still does! Employers will still have to pay for mandatory healthcare or still pay an 8% tax. This will cost jobs. Why impose mandatory healthcare on the entire population at a time when the economy is struggling to create ANY new jobs?

The Majority Do Not Want It
Presently, the majority of American citizens do not want government controlled healthcare. Here are the polling numbers;
  • Favor Government Healthcare - 42%
  • Do Not Favor Government Healthcare - 53%
Do not let the government railroad you by forcing you to take this program!

Action To Take
Stand Firm. Tell government that we want a SPENDING FREEZE. Tell them to lower the deficits immediately! Tell them we don't want Cap & Trade either! It's too expensive and will not have ANY effect over the atmosphere or climate!

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