Friday, August 14, 2009

Go To A Town Meeting

What to Do At a Town Meeting
First, it is important to attend a town meeting if your representative schedules one. We need to see people who care about healthcare at these meetings. Here are some rules to follow:
  • Be courteous. Don't be rude. Speak in normal tones no matter how angry you are
  • Be prepared. Have your questions written down and be able to read them
  • Be patient and wait for your turn
  • Don't be put off. Express yourself clearly. Don't let anyone interrupt you when you have the floor
  • Don't be intimidated by others

What to Ask at A Town Meeting
Here are several sample questions you might consider asking:
  • Would you and your family drop your existing medical coverage and go to the government's single pay system that you are proposing for all of us?

  • President Obama said at the New Hampshire town meeting that the AARP is "on board" with his healthcare plan. However, a representative of the AARP said on TV that they had not endorsed the current legislation. Which one was correct?

  • Ezekiel Emanuel (Obama's advisor) advocated no healthcare or treatment for people with dementia. Do you advocate this position also? Why/Why not?

  • Isn't this government healthcare program a re-distribution of healthcare? Why/Why not?

  • Is the government behind the advertisements on Craig's List to help pass the healthcare bill while earning $600 per week? If not, who's is paying for this?

  • Are the so called "death panels" in the current legislation or out of the legislation. What is your position on them?

  • Abortion is not mentioned in HR 3200. Doesn't that leave the door opened to be able to add it when the government controllers establish the regulations? Will you guarantee that abortions will NOT be paid for in their legislation? Why / Why Not?

  • How is it possible to add 50 million new patients (including illegal aliens) and not add new doctors and new nurses? Won't this force rationing of health care and won't it dramatically affect senior citizens.

  • Why isn't there more funding to help stop fraud? Medicare and Medicate have serious problems with fraud and could use more funding.

  • The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) estimates that the bill will cost 1 trillion dollars. How will we pay for this legislation without adding to the deficit? Didn't the President promise NOT to raise taxes?

Above all, attend and show solidarity!

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