Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Insults!

California is truly the land of fruit and nuts. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resides there representing citizens in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Yesterday she took the liberty of free speech (1st Amendment) to insult and demean the heartland of America by saying that the dissenters of healthcare who voice their opinions and protest at town meetings are "Un-American." She also previously claimed that these unruly people are ..."carrying Swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare."

Have you seen a lot of Nazi symbols flashing around these meetings shown on national TV? If this were true, wouldn't the media be showing it? Is she lying again? Remember Pelosy claimed that the CIA lies to Congress all the time? Why weren't her allegations ever investigated? Was the CIA lying, or was Nancy Pelosi? Will we ever know?

Pelosi's "un-Americans" are the boisterous angry people who disrupt town hall meetings on healthcare. You know, the people who have sons in wheel chairs, or raise questions like "will Congress use the same health plan as the rest of us?", or senior citizens who carry hand made signs about healthcare. She wasn't referring to the SEUI thugs who beat up people, or who protest using nicely printed protest signs. No, she was directing her comments to the teabaggers (like us) instead. We are the traditionalists who believe in the Constitution, not in totalitarianism.

As third in line to be the President, she actually believes that she knows what's good for all of us - better than we do. If we disagree with her parties Progressive (elitist) policies and voice dissent, she and her fellow ideologues start name calling. We have been referred to as Republican Zealots, extremists, mobs, teabaggers, and so on. Any label to neutralize us. Our opinions don't count. We don't know what good for us. She does, but we don't.

President Obama is finally distancing himself from her. He disagrees with Nancy's un-American remarks. Smart man.

Speaker Pelosi, after insulting millions of Americans, don't we have a right to be insulted and offended by your remarks and accusations? This is STILL America!


  1. You said Obama was a smart man. I totally agree with you. Glad you have finally admitted you like him.

  2. I don’t agree with her statement, but she has every right to state her beliefs/thoughts. After all this is America. I am getting sick of this type of tactic though; I don’t agree with you so you must be un-American or a racist, or insert what you like here. Why can’t I just have my own independent opinion on a matter? When did this become wrong? It seems that some folks in Washington are bit upset that too many people are starting to have independent thoughts and opinions as well. If we start to think for ourselves how will the politicians decide what is “best” for us?

    As to your comment Nick, I find it to be a bit baiting.