Sunday, August 9, 2009

Call Out The Goons

Violence as an Answer
Kenneth Gladney a young African American was beaten by at least three alleged SEIU (Service Employees International Union) members at a town hall meeting in St. Louis. He was distributing anti-ObamaCare items and American flags. Actually the ruffians are "alleged" members of the SEIU, because they were all wearing SEIU tee shirts. Coincidence? I haven't seen those shirts available at the GAP have you? Hummm... , I wonder where you can get one? Darn, maybe you have to join the union?

Apparently this new tactic is how the Obamabots are going to tackle the protests and outrage that everyday people have when trying to get their representatives to answer some basic questions about government healthcare. Maybe if they beat up and scare enough people the opposition will stop asking questions. Between that and keeping an "Enemies List" that should help a lot! Then Congress can pass ObamaCare without any further dissent. That seems fair enough - HUH? Call out the goons when someone has a different opinion. That sounds a lot like Chicago politics!

Maybe that's the way they do it in Chicago, but violence IS NOT THE ANSWER to honest differences of opinion!

New Tactics From Congress
The latest innovation on how to avoid embarrassment at town meetings by Congress is to avoid having a face-to-face meeting with constituents altogether. Just avoid facing the people who put you in office. This only permits a fraction of the people who WANT TO ATTEND SUCH A MEETING! Reduce the number of participants. That's a GREAT IDEA. And, you don't have to call out the goons which attract too much negative attention.

For Example: North Carolina's Congressman Heath Shuler of the 11th District has decided to take the (Cowards) "safe way" out by having two teleconferences with his constituents instead of meeting with them. That way they can cut you off any time they want - especially if they think you are part of the "MOB" of Republican Extremists! Besides, they won't have to look at the Swastikas that Nancy Pelosi mentioned recently!

Message for Congressman Shuler
Enjoy your next year in office. It will be your lame duck year. Mid-term elections are next year and your constituents (the people you are excluding from meeting with you) have a solution to the problem. VOTE YOUR SORRY FACE OUT OF OFFICE!! Raise all the money you want from special interest groups. Voters are outraged with your voting record - especially supporting the Cap and Trade bill!!

Listen To The Music Congressman
Lah, lah, lah, lah... lah, lah, lah, lah... hey, hey... good bye!

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