Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Carter's Racist Remarks

President Carter recently made some charges that people who disagree with Obama's policies are racists. President Obama commented over the weekend that he disagrees and does not feel the same. Smart move!

Well, this is a free country and Senator John McCain had some comments regarding Carter's opinions, as follows:

"I'm deeply disturbed by those accusations [made by Carter]. Because its unfair and untrue commentary on the American people, and them exercising their God-given rights to disagree with the administration."

McCain stated further, "It seems to me that President Carter has earned his place as, if not the worst President in history, certainly the worst in the 20th Century."

Apparently McCain disagrees with Carter huh?

This blog Tweeted this incident recently and we agree with McCain. Carter was a BAD President and was responsible for double digit inflation during his administration. He also could NOT deal effectively with the Iranian Hostage situation, and unemployment was double digit during most of his tenure in office. He should have stayed a peanut farmer and never entered politics! Americans suffered financially during his administration because of him!

Frankly, WE Americans are getting sick and tired of being called names and especially having the "race card" played against us when we disagree with Obama's policies. This so-called "argument" is REALLY wearing thin with most of us. For God's sake, we elected him! We should be able to disagree with him.

Washington Politicians better take note. We will try and rectify this in the next mid-term election. You can count on it!

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