Saturday, September 26, 2009

NJ Educators Worship Obama

Strange isn't it? We cannot say prayers in public schools because it has been ruled a BAD thing. The Ten Commandments have been banned in courtrooms. However, it's apparently OK to worship and praise Obama in an elementary public school. WHAT? Ironical? You bet. Hypocritical Yep!

Only in America can this so-called "logic" happen. Americans are prohibited from showing faith or any form of spirituality in the public schools. Yet, there are some "educators" who actually believe it's all right to ram political ideals into our young innocent school aged kids. Of course, they do so without consenting the kid's parents. Would you authorize this training or lesson plan for your kids?

The children are innocent and have no idea that the people we have in trusted are willfully trying to WARP their thinking in a political direction. This is deception at its worst. It is immoral and is downright shameful that this can happen in a public school ANYWHERE in this country. This happened at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, New Jersey.

All this was "justified" under the guise of a lesson for Black History Week. Yeah? Well we're NOT buying that because your own deep prejudice is blinding your judgement! Stop glorifying the President using our children. How Dare YOU? Doesn't it occur to you that parents/Americans may have other opinions besides your own? How naive. How stupid. How brash. How offensive.

This is a Cult mentality and it has no place in the classroom - let alone on the Internet! Shame on anyone who tolerates this and thinks that it's OK or justified for the lame excuse given. These "educators" have lost their objectivity. These individuals have a political agenda and they are jamming it into our kid's heads without parental knowledge or without permission. Well this is STILL America!

Those responsible should be held accountable. They should be FIRED for trying to corrupt our children. This includes teachers, principal, and superintendent. They have overstepped their boundary and have violated the public trust given to them by the community in which they serve. They should no longer be licensed to teach or direct our children!

Action To Take
Let the school board know your feelings that the indoctrination at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School is outrageous! Call the school and voice your opinion: 479-750-8770. Call the local School Board: (609) 387-3955.

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