Saturday, October 31, 2009


This organization is like an infestation of cockroaches. Just when you think you are rid of them, they reappear and begin infesting all over again!

Remember when the story broke that ACORN was helping two individuals commit tax fraud and were helping set up a prostitution ring employing minors? This happened in several different ACORN offices across the United States.

This promoted some Congressional disapproval and forced them to banish ACORN funding. What Congress forgot to mention was that their funding ban expires today! As of tomorrow, ACORN is once again eligible to apply for and receive Federal dollars for their organization.

No doubt the leaders at ACORN will try and take full advantage of this “loophole” and apply and probably get more taxpayer money. Don’t let this happen.

Action To Take
Remind you representatives in Congress that ACORN is being investigated by the Attorney General in Louisiana. Ask them why Attorney General Eric Holder is NOT doing so also! Remind them that they should NOT approve any NEW funding to this organization until ACORN absolves the charges of election fraud and criminal activities.

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