Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Britain – Our Example?

The UK (United Kingdom) has become what some people call the “surveillance society.” Security cameras are placed just about everywhere. They are on street corners, and at traffic intersections – everywhere. They are not placed there to stop or prevent crimes as one might think. Instead, they are used to provide surveillance on its citizens and their daily activities. The government has gigantic databases that track the intimate personal details of its citizens and their daily lives. Is that a real intrusion into their privacy? What privacy?

Britain enacted a law in 2000 that gives the government large surveillance powers. The government can legally follow residents secretly. Here is an example of Big Brother at work. The government suspected that a woman (mother of three) was lying about her address to get her daughter into a neighborhood school. The local officials began a covert surveillance operation on her and her actions. They obtained her telephone records and followed her for three weeks noting her every movement including the use of her car and the whereabouts of her and her children. Luckily, it turned out that she had broken no rules or laws. All of this was “legal.” Why they even have microchips placed inside garbage containers to monitor what you dispose of and how much carbon you waste.

America, are we headed there too? This administration has created the unprecedented steps towards eliminating personal liberties. It has attacked the 1st Amendment several times. Recall the government website created to report people who gave “misinformation” regarding ObamaCare. The latest is the FCCs attempt to take over control (censorship) of the Internet with the so called Net Neutrality Act. This is nothing more than a newer version of the Fairness Doctrine aimed exclusively at the Internet. The White House is currently attacking freedom of speech by trying to neutralize Fox News calling it nothing more than the TV version of talk radio.

The Obama administration has tried to use the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to promote government propaganda using a taxpayer funded organization. It also sees nothing wrong with administering and disseminating lesson plans to public schools to promote presidential policies.

It supports and hires known communists and radicals to serve as advisers (Czars) who report directly to the President. These people have no Congressional oversight whatsoever. There are no checks and balances to these appointees. They were hired by the Administration and Congress has no control over them whatsoever.

The administration also hires organizations that have been accused of election fraud and various criminal activities to be in charge of taking the United States census. Until Fox news broke the story of criminal activities, ACORN was considered by the White House as one of its strongest allies.

The previous administration enacted the Patriot Act which has been used to provide wire taps used against American citizens without court orders. They held American citizens without access to a lawyer for indefinite periods of time. This administration wants to strengthen these powers and expand what they can do.

All of these things show a pattern. It is a pattern of disrespect towards the Constitution and towards our personal liberties. There’s too much happening to all be just a coincidence. We need to wake up and pay more attention to what is happening or we will end up like the woman in Great Britain.

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