Friday, December 4, 2009

Hackers – Oh Really?

The alleged "hacker" of the ClimateGate scandal is not guilty of committing ANY crimes. The information they obtained was downloaded from an FTP public web site. The information that was responsible for the scandal was posted under the British Freedom of Information Act. So nothing was stolen and no crime was perpetrated. No one “hacked” anything. The information was posted for anyone’s access.

This scandal began when an anonymous person released over 60 MB of confidential files that included over 1,000 emails and some 70 documents. The documents exposed that the “scientists” at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) admit manipulating data about the earth’s temperature. They discuss to using a “trick” to hide the “decline” in the earth’s temperature since 1960!

Finally the main stream media mentions the scandal, but they don’t call it that. Instead, they defend the emails by explaining that “trick” and “hide the decline” really don’t mean what you think. They give a lame definition instead. No matter how you try and whitewash this, it is a gigantic fraud.

These documents show these “scientists” engaging in what may be criminal activity. They indicate that the Climate Research Unit was committing fraud among other things. To make matters worse, the CRU received more than $23 Million in US taxpayer dollars for its work on global warming. Humm… and this is NOT worth investigating?

The CRU claimed to have collected the most complete temperature data on the earth’s temperature for the last half century. This information, in turn, was used by the United Nations Climate Change panel in 2007 to formally report to the world that we need to abolish modern technology because if pollution it creates. After this scandal broke, the CRU suddenly “lost” all of this scientific data and that it was “irretrievably lost.” How convenient. When asked to duplicate results, they cannot. Shouldn’t we be asking why not? What happened to the most comprehensive earth temperature data? How was it lost? Are we supposed to believe the “scientific consensus” with these things happening? Why can’t they prove they are not lying? What are the trying to hide? The TRUTH!

Our President is going to Denmark next week to the climate summit. He is going to commit the United States to a reduction of greenhouse gasses with the world community. How can he continue to ignore ClimateGate? Is he part of the problem? What is his REAL agenda?

If the man-made global warming hysteria is the product of junk science, isn’t it important to move carefully – before making this kind of commitment? Who profits from this agreement? We need more information, just like Obama did, before he made his strategy decision on Afghanistan. Why not stop, make no commitments, and get to the bottom of the scandal with some investigations? Don’t commit the US to any treaty that gives-up US sovereignty. AND, don’t pass Cap & Trade at a cost of $145 Trillion dollars in new taxes to Americans.