Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Illegal Aliens Are Still Covered

It doesn’t matter which version of the government healthcare plan you talk about, they all have included coverage for illegal aliens. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens could receive healthcare coverage from their employers. This is true even though President Obama promised that illegal aliens would not benefit from this plan. Maybe he IS a liar after all!

The House bill mandates and the Senate version strongly encourages businesses to give healthcare coverage to all employees. Neither contains any exemptions to screen-out illegal aliens. Neither bill requires employers to verify identities of employees (Illegal aliens usually false documents to gain employment). Democrats say that in the case of illegal coverage, that it would be an outcome of people breaking the law, and not intentional by the employers. Republicans argue that these loopholes allow coverage to anyone who wants to cheat the system (including illegal aliens who by the way, have already broken the law to gain entry into the United States).

So the current thinking in Congress is to stick your head in the sand and ignore the problem of illegal aliens altogether. The bottom line is that Americans will have to pay for them. Gee, that sounds fair! A free entitlement to someone who doesn’t legally belong here who is “sponging” off the system. That’s NOT a solution. That’s a Problem!

If you’re going to the trouble of creating an entirely new healthcare system of over 2,000 pages of regulations and rules, you should also consider and resolve the problem of how to deal with people who have no legal right to receive this benefit. After all what’s another 50 pages?

If they won’t resolve the issue, they should abolish the plan. It doesn’t fix anything if it can’t address important issues. This is simply another version of a healthcare system that introduces unresolved problems that will continue to fester and become more expensive over time. They are wasting US taxpayers dollars – not to mention ruining our future generation’s life styles with caustic deficit spending.

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