Wednesday, December 2, 2009

White House Ignores ClimateGate

In spite of recent disclosures regarding the alleged conspiracy to promote Climate Change for political gain and to raise taxes, the White House continues to ignore the possibility that there may be some truth in these allegations. Instead, Obama will be on his way to Denmark to make concessions to world leaders towards reducing green house gasses.

Hello? Lights on, nobody home!

Is the White House trying to whitewash this potential crisis? Is this a chink in the Progressive armor? Why not step back and see what is unfolding in the United Kingdom? There are many different interpretations of what the “scientific” community over there was doing to the climate data.

Lord Christopher Monckton released a definitive report on the ClimateGate scandal. Here is the link to the 43 page report. After reading it, you may have a different opinion about the “true” science used and the “real” motivations used by these alleged conspirators.

The Cap & Trade legislation (sitting in the US Senate waiting for them to vote on it) will cost US citizens an estimated $145 Trillion dollars in new taxes. Can our economy afford these taxes during the worst recession since the Great Depression?

Action To Take
Contact the White House and request them to investigate this report. Ask why the President refuses to slow down and wait for more information before making ANY commitments to foreign leaders to reduce green house gasses. Why can’t Obama wait like he did on Afghanistan before he makes a BIG mistake on Clime Change?

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