Monday, December 7, 2009

How Pathetic Can You Get?

School supplies (pencils and notebooks) resembling Obama’s campaign ads are being sold to Columbia, Missouri public schools! The company that makes these items is now back-peddling saying (after complaints) that it was a mistake. The company Pencil Wholesale distributes school supplies to multiple Columbia area schools.

Here is a sample of a notebook that was sold in these schools:

Isn’t this notebook cover noticeably similar to Obama’s campaign images? Note the logo with three red stripes separated by white stripes in from of a white circle on a blue background. Now compare with the actual Obama campaign logo”

Does this look familiar?

How about the Obama Campaign motto sign?

The words are the same as the notebook cover.

This is truly disgusting and outrageous! Besides singing praise to the “anointed one”, we now have political reminders being sold to public school students to help continue the Obama Worship! These materials treat Obama like a diety!

This is nothing more than PROPAGANDA being used on school children. Americans should be outraged.

Action To Take
These school supplies were designed by the art department at Harcourt Pencil Company in Milroy, Indiana. Call or write them and let them know how you feel about their political propaganda scheme being sold to innocent school children. Promise to boycott their products.

Harcourt Pencil Company
7765 South 175 West
Milroy, IN 46156-9668
(765) 629-2244