Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who Needs Congress Anyway?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just declared that carbon dioxide (CO2) is a harmful substance to people.

Stop for a minute. Take in a breath. Now exhale… There, that’s carbon dioxide that YOU just created from breathing oxygen in the air! The EPA says that’s BAD for you! What? Isn’t that part of the life cycle? Don’t trees and other plant forms utilize carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. Isn’t that the same oxygen that PEOPLE BREATHE? I don't know about you, but I don't belive that breathing is really bad for people.

Now a government agency (EPA) is stating that CO2 is BAD for humans?? Why? So they can regulate it! Who really needs Congress to make the laws anyway?

You see Congress passed the Clean Air Act (originally passed in 1963) which enables the government to “improve the nation’s air quality.” This law was originally intended to be used to clean up polluters and to make automobiles cleaner. You know, make polluters more responsible and hold them responsible for their waste and pollution.

Brief History
The EPA was created all the way back in December 1970. It came about partly due to a book written by Rachel Carlson titled “Silent Spring” that was all about how birds die because of pesticide pollution in the United States. The first Earth Day was founded back then and there was a huge political uprising for conservation and awareness regarding pollution. So who could be against conservation? The EPA was created under this atmosphere.

Today’s EPA
Now the Obama administration under the guidance of Cass Sustein, (Obama’s Regulatory Czar), is using the EPA for their own agenda. Namely, to support the bogus “theory” of Global Warming. Cass Sustein is the guy who wants to ban all hunting and give legal “rights” to animals so they can sue people! Honest, he wrote about this and now he's an Obama Czar!

Since the US Senate is too busy working on ObamaCare legislation, they haven’t had time to look at the ridiculous bill called “Cap & Trade” which was passed in the House of Representatives. Remember, that’s the one that will regulate your energy consumption and as Obama says make YOUR electric bill “skyrocket.”

Well, why wait for Congress anyway? The government can pretty well do what it wants under this administration. They can "regulate" their way into the administration’s version of it’s own Cap & Trade via the EPA. They can "nudge" you by regulation. Screw Congress!

Do you REALLY want the government to regulate CO2? Do they have the right to do so? Have they overstepped their powers? Can they actually get away with this? Doesn't Congress make the laws?

Action To Take
Abolish the Clean Air Act. Humm… that may be too drastic. Abolish the EPA. Humm… that too may be too drastic. How about cutting the EPAs funding? Ahhh yes, that would do it. Cut them down to size and let them know they ARE NOT IN CHARGE! Congress makes the laws of the land – NOT the EPA!