Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tea Parties Dead?

Hey we haven’t heard from any Tea Parties lately. They must have dried up and gone away. Congress knew that would happen. They were right to continue on “Their” agenda for America. Or were they?

Well there haven’t been any of those noisy, rude, anti-government protests lately. Have there? Tea Parties were just a passing fancy that made a lot of noise and tried to embarrass our Congress. Troublemakers!

But wait, what’s that coming over the horizon? Humm… it seems that the Tea Parties have been busy doing community organizing. Sound familiar? Yes, we have begun to form PACs, and get our own activists busy preparing for the 2010 elections. Our goal is to rein in all that “ugly” “un-American” anger we demonstrated last summer in those “Astro-turf” protests around the country – including Washington, DC.

This isn’t about beating the Democrats out of office. No that would just be a start. The Republicans who have been reckless in spending under George Bush and who have forsaken conservative values are also our targets! You know the ones. They are thinking that it’s still OK to get entitlements for their local districts. They still “think” it’s OK to add pork to bills and waste your tax dollars when the US deficit is in the tank for the next 2-3 generations. Well, they are in for a surprise. This isn’t a promise. We are working on a “Change WE can Believe in” not the one we are currently getting from the Fascists in Washington.