Thursday, March 11, 2010

National ID Cards - Bad Idea

National ID cards are being seriously considered by Congress. Their "excuse" for wanting them is to control illegal immigration. Proponents include Chas. Schumer (D, NY) and Lindsey Graham (R, SC - "Rhino" - Republican in name only). Both are strong Progressives.

They believe that it's OK to force all people to register with the government. This would end racial profiling and "streamline" governmental administration. It would also provide useful links between businesses and the government. Probably between Homeland Security, the FBI, and the NSA as well. If you recall in history, this tactic was used in Nazi Germany for similar purposes. As we know, that didn't work out so well when the power was used in a negative way against the very people it was supposed to protect.

That's the big problem with National ID cards. They increase police powers - BIG TIME. National ID cards are still used in over 100 countries around the world. It is proven that they do NOT cut crime rates, but they do improve government efficiency.

Information Contained
The proposed National ID Cards would have genetic material as well as some yet undefined electronic information about you - likely your police record, number of arrests, number of convictions, and really whatever information the government would like to put there about you. They decide. There's the danger. You won't be able to read these cards, so you won't know what they actually contain. What are the limits? Should they include medical information, library books rented, blogs you write, number and types of guns you own, political affiliation, or credit card purchases too?

What Will They Be Used For?
Proponents say that employers would use them to prohibit illegals from gaining employment. If the card is going to be used to track criminals, you could be arrested for not having one! Police could perform on-the-spot ID checks - similar to what they do in stopping cars to check and see if the drivers have a valid driver's license. Sound scary? Where's you ID? You're under arrest.

If you recall the Social Security Act of 1933 mandated that the government make everyone who worked, get a Social Security Card. It was NEVER to be used for identification purposes. In fact, it says right on it; "Not to be used for identification." Oh really? Tell that to your local bank, employer, doctor, hospital, credit card company, and telephone provider. These examples show that the government REALLY didn't mean what they said. They can and will (or try and do) anything they want, if they can get away with it.

What about the possibility of falsifying these cards? Ever see a good fake ID? Oh, right, this would never happen.

Forget the 4th Amendment. Forget the right to privacy. Forget illegal search and seizure. Forget getting a warrant for an arrest. In fact, just trash the Constitution.

Action To Take
Tell Congress you are opposed to a National ID Card - PERIOD.