Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ever Consider a Short Wave Radio?

Cyber Security Bill
Have you stopped to think of what you are going to do when Obama gets the unchecked power to shut-down the Internet and he also decides to pull the plug on it? You'd better! Your Ipads will be rendered useless! This tactic is being used quite effectively in Egypt as you read this blog. It's coming here soon thanks to the US Senate. Have you called your Representatives yet?

Over 61 percent of Americans get their news from the Internet. Where would you get it if the Internet was disconnected for 30 days? TV? Newspapers? REALLY? Do you trust the Lame Stream media for the truth in reporting the "news"? you shouldn't because they all have a strong LEFT slant towards the news. During a true crisis, they will broadcast the government "message."

So where would you gather your daily information? Would you trust the above sources? Hopefully not.

Short Wave Radios are the Answer
Did you know that short wave radio receivers were banned during WWII by the Nazis? Having one was punishable by death. They didn't want people listening to the world news instead of their canned propaganda.

A short wave radio receives broadcasts from all over the world. Shortwave is a broadcast frequency range that allows stations' signals to be heard over long distances, usually thousands of miles. You'll hear news and information along with culturally oriented programming, sometimes including music. The programming may or may not be biased or propagandized depending on its source and country. But at least you will be able to hear information without the typical bias you get in America!

Shortwave Bands
You need to learn a bit about the shortwave bands. A band is a frequency range where stations are located. You have already used bands and frequencies when tuning an AM or FM radio. You use the tuning buttons until you locate the station you like. The shortwave bands have names like 25 meters, 31 meters, 49 meters and so on. Each band has a range of frequencies that are like street addresses.

Amazon.com offers several books on listening to shortwave stations. Some shortwave radios come with popular addresses (frequencies) pre-programmed into the radio memory. For example: 15110 Kilohertz is the home of Radio Spain and 15190 Kilohertz is the home of the BBC World Service. You have to know what time these stations broadcast and that's why these listening books are helpful. They list the times and frequencies used so you can dial in your favorites. It's pretty straight forward and doesn't take a college degree to figure it out.

Action To Take
The next time someone asks you what you want as a gift, tell them you want a short wave radio! You heard right. They come in all shapes and sizes. They range in price form about $40 to you name it. You can get a full featured radio for $80. Get one that runs on batteries or has its own power generator crank. We're not plugging any specific brands. That's for you to decide. Just Google (while you still can) "shorwave radios" and you'll find a huge variety to choose from.

This could become a valuable tool in the event traditional communication devices and methods become unusable.

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