Friday, February 4, 2011

Progressives Hate Freedom

Progressive Elites
Progressives believe that they are better than you are. They even think that they are smarter than you are. Even if you went to college, they are more adept than you are. If you didn't go to an Ivy League school, you are not part of their clique. Hence, you know nothing and they are superior to you. You're unintelligent and they are a "higher class" than you simple-minded peon. This is not a joke, they actually believe this crap!

Progressives Are the Enemy of the Constitution
Here is a clear example to support this claim. Just before the US Senate voted-down the ObamaCare repeal on Wednesday this week, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D, NV) said this regarding the healthcare repeal:

"...that in America we give our citizens rights. We don't take them away."

No Harry, Americans are born with Natural rights and they come from our Creator - not from you. The job of the Federal Government is to protect and preserve our God given rights - not to allot them as YOU (Big Progressive Government) deems fit. The idea of Natural Rights is a core principle of America since its beginning. You either don't care or are too stupid to know this.

Government doesn't "give" you anything. Your philosophy has NOTHING to do with the Constitution. It totally ignores it. We are getting tired that Progressives "Think" that they are better than us. We are getting tired of being called names if we disagree with you. We are getting tired of Progressives taking money from citizens as taxes and then giving it to those who do not have any. If Citizens did this it would be called STEALING!

Senator Reid, you're NOT GOD! Progressives like him think that it's HIS job to create out rights!
Progressives Hate the Constitution
Stop attacking the basic concepts that founded our country. Progressives believe that if you lie enough, people will believe the lie as truth. We know and understand our country's history.

Get the HELL out of OUR lives with your anti-American views and anti-Constitutional attacks. Follow the rule of law. Stop abusing the Commerce Clause to try to control our lives. We shall resist tyranny whenever we see it demonstrated like you did on Wednesday.

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