Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Reason to Impeach Obama

Joe Biden Believes in Impeachment
Our Vice President Joe Biden strongly supported the Constitution when he was a US Senator. He believes that any unilateral military action without Congressional approval (and without ANY threat to the USA), is an impeachable offense.

Here are Joe Biden's own words:

So Why the Double Standard?
So now Obama is the President. He did exactly what Biden was so adamantly opposed to and now there is silence from the Democrats (including Joe) - except for Dennis Kucinich (D, OH). This doesn't make any sense. If this was against the law then, it is still against the law now. Why even Obama himself said so when HE was also a US Senator!

Where are the Republicans?
The people that we elected to clean-up Washington last November are hiding under a rock somewhere! They have no courage to stand up for the Constitution. That's a sorry state of affairs. We deserve better. Demand it from your representatives.

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