Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Peter Principle in the White House

Hang On America
We have elected the most incompetent President in the history of the Nation. This guy is a loose cannon and our enemies know it. Because of this, we are all in serious danger. (And you thought things were bad under George Bush). This guy makes Bush look like a genius!

Mr. Flip Flop - BIG TIME
Yesterday we quoted Obama before he became President. Back in 2007 he publically stated that it was against the Constitution to have ANY military action unless America was threatened. Today, he has ignored the law of the land. Now he has the "cojones" to say that we are NOT at WAR. Oh REALLY? Since when is bombing and blowing up people and buildings NOT WAR? This lie is incredible!

Obama has violated America's trust. He lied - big time! He violated the Constitution - by his own words! He is a phony. He is incompetent and his administration is scattered and have no plan or goal for Libya. They each deliver a different message. There is no exit strategy. DUH? He has started another war in another Muslim country. That's just irresponsible and pretty darn stupid!
Worse yet, his policy decisions show his total lack of understanding of foreign affairs. He demonstrates daily that he is in way over his head and so are his advisers. God Help Us All! It's beginning to look like the Obama Doctrine is just like the Bush Doctrine. See any difference? More broken promises. (More Lies).

Sovereignty - What's That?
Obama has also disregarded our national sovereignty. He sought permission of the United Nations before attacking Libya and ignored Congress. Obama doesn't even know who we're fighting with or for in Libya. Obama metaphorically thumbed his nose at Congress by doing this.

Hold Him Accountable
Ask Obama who's paying for his attacks-like WE can afford it! This man needs to be held accountable for his ILLEGAL actions. Support Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D, OH) in his efforts to begin Impeachment proceedings and to halt all funding for this fiasco.

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