Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Impeacheable Offense?

Declare War Without Cause
Did President Obama commit an impeachable offense? Progressives believed that George Bush did when he invaded Iraq and in went to war in Afghanistan. Strangely, now Progressives are silent. Is there a difference. Answer: Yes. But Progressives ignore the facts.

George Bush approached Congress both times when he wanted to proceed with military actions in those countries. Obama has not. In fact, Obama didn't even speak with Congress - he just began military actions against Libya. Obama just order the attacks. It was HIS orders (and his orders alone) that thrust the USA into a civil war in Libya. Now he is using OUR military to try and help the outcome of that civil war (not to mention spending more taxpayer dollars for the missiles we shot off). WHY? By who's authorization?

So has Obama committed a crime? Some would strongly argue "YES" Obama has committed a crime. Read his powers as granted in the Constitition. The ones he exercised are not given to him!

Civil War
Libya posed no physical threat to the United States of America. Obama and his cronies went to the United Nations for directions on how to proceed. They in-turn formed a coalition of a few nations to overthrow the Qaddafi regime.

Face the facts: The United Nations does not, and has not, ANY authority to direct the USA into or out of war. Only the United States Congress has this authority. It is a matter of national sovereignty. Joining a world-coalition doesn't make it any more "right." We are still responsible for OUR actions. Obama cannot point his finger and blame the United Nations. This was HIS decision.

Commander In Chief
Obama as the President, is the Commander in Chief of our military. The Constitution gives him these powers. However, the Constitution does not give him the power to attack any country just because he believes that he should. Once again, Obama over stepped his granted powers and exercised his "perceived" powers. Doesn't ANYBODY CARE ANYMORE?

Sad Irony
The left pounced on Bush for starting two wars. So where are they now? Their fearless leader has violated their trust as well. He has used military force on a country that has not attacked the USA. Yet they still defend his actions. And Progressives say that we are the ignorant ones! They are so blinded by ideology that they cannot see their own hypocrisies. That's just pathetic!

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