Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Department of In-Justice

Holder Forces Lower Standards
Our fearless leader of the Department of In-Justice (Eric Holder) has forced the Dayton, Ohio Police department to lower their Civil Service testing standards. Why? Holder says there are not enough African Americans passing the examination. The new standard now allows anyone (not just Blacks) who gets 58% to pass Part I and 63% on Part II of the Civil Service examination. This is equivalent to getting an "F" and a "D" on the two part exams. Flunk Part I and barely pass Part II and you're HIRED!!

So are the bad test scores the fault of the Police Department, or the public schools in Dayton, Ohio? It is the Police Department's fault according to Holder! Clearly Holder is on a mission to protect blacks. His track record proves this allegation. Why he's even gone to the extremes of dropping a clear cut case of voter intimidation charged against three men when they turned-out to be Black Panthers! Strange isn't it?

Take This Logic One Step Further
If Eric Holder can force a local police department into hiring individuals who are not technically qualified to become policemen, what's stopping Holder from doing so to promote the recruitment of more doctors to fill the need created by ObamaCare? Why not lower the entrance exams for all medical schools as well? (You know what the call a doctor who graduates LAST in their graduating class? - Answer: "DOCTOR").

Let's Just Lower the Requirements for Everything
Since our public schools aren't doing their job, we shouldn't punish the poor kids "graduating" without enough of the basic tools (like reading) to become the workers needed in the 21st century. Hey, those tests are unfair and discriminate. While we're at it, let's lower the standards for licensing teachers too. No, wait, that's what got us here in the first place.

But wait, isn't that exactly what Eric Holder is doing? He's unfairly discriminating to promote the hiring of unqualified job applicants. Does that make sense?

Holder Should Be Fired
Affirmative action days are over. We need QUALIFIED people to work in certain occupations. Before we issue firearms, teaching licenses, or scalpels, shouldn't those recipients show that they are capable first? It's not about race. Let's face it - some people just don't belong in those occupations. Let's not make it worse by letting them in to make things more regretful!

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