Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hold Their Feet to the Fire

Big Disappointment
After a huge voter turn-out last November, citizens supposedly sent a message to Washington to clean up their act and to start listening to voters for a change. Apparently, the newly elected members of the House of Representatives have a short memory!

The main reason why the GOP were sent to Washington to replace the crazy spending Democrats in the House was to start cutting spending. But no, these newbies didn't get the message. They have already been corrupted by the "Good-Old-Boys" (like John Boehner) in the Republican Party. Too bad for all of them! The 2012 elections are just around the corner and this time voters won't forget. We will get more Tea Party candidates and flush-out the BAD Republicans.

What's This All About?
We need to pay attention to our Representatives. And, we need to hold them accountable! They're already slipping!! Here are the results of the voting:

  • Republicans: YES = 226, NO = 13
  • Democrats : YES = 6, NO = 183
A total of 232 voted for extending government spending another three weeks to allow Obama to keep spending and borrowing like a mad man.

You voted for these weasels! How dare they ignore us once again? It's time to get MAD and DEMAND POSITIVE ACTION! Don't let them get away with this BS!

The Republicans (not the Democrats) just voted "YES" for another Continuing Resolution that allows Obama to continue his CRAZY spending and borrowing! This represents BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars!! Who's side are they on? Their behavior shows it's not OURS!!

Action To Take
If you have any doubts as to how your Rep voted, first take a moment and look them up and verify it.

Second, call or email your Representative and ask them ALL of the following questions:

  • Why did you OK more uncontrolled government spending for three weeks?
  • Why don't you understand the true danger of the monstrous debt we have?
  • What are you going to do when Obama asks for yet ANOTHER $1.6 TRILLION dollars? Will you vote "YES"?
  • Why do you refuse to cut ANYTHING to lower the national debt? (BILLIONS aren't enough - that's trivial!)
  • Why haven't you started cutting Medicare and Medicaid? They both need serious reform.
  • Why haven't you addressed the problems facing Social Security? Why not extend the retirement age?
  • Why do you keep approving more spending and borrowing?
  • Why did you vote for the Patriot Act which negates the 1st and 4th Amendments of the Constitution? Isn't this un-American? It violates your oath of office!
  • Why isn't there any budget from this Congress yet? You have the majority - do it!
  • Why should the President have more power to borrow and spend? Hasn't he done enough damage already?
  • Why aren't you able to make difficult decisions? That's why we voted for you!
  • Why should I vote for you again when you aren't listening?

If this doesn't resonate, then vote them out of office next time!

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