Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why Europe's Leaders Are Baffled

Europe's Confusion
Our Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) has been busy meeting with the G8 foreign ministers discussing intervention (or lack of) in Libya. Apparently, Britain and France wanted to take immediate action while Russia and Germany did not want to do so.

It is reported that Hillary stayed out of this argument and re-stated that the United States considered all options to be on the table. Ironically, the world's largest superpower would NOT endorse any position to deal with Libya. Instead, Hillary avoided considering things like the no fly zone, and giving military aid to the rebels. Clinton's lack of a specific position on Libya lead the members of the meeting to wonder exactly where Obama stood on the subject of Libya.

WOW, we used to be the nation that lead the world to set examples of right and wrong. Not so under President Obama. While he sent Hillary to be present at these meetings, Obama chose to go on vacation (at our expense of course) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nice!

This makes the United States look weak. It makes our enemies believe that we will not fight back. It strengthens the will of the bad guys. Remember, Obama said that Muammar al-Qaddafi had to leave and then he has done nothing to support this statement.

The Real Leaders
France & the UK took charge in Libya while Obama went on vacation in Rio de Janero! He's no leader - THAT'S for sure. He has delegated (by his in-actions) the outcome of Libya to France and Britain. What can you expect from someone who has no concept of foreign policy and the role of the United States in it? You can't expect professional diplomacy and strong leadership from a man without those qualifications on his resume.

America's Big Mistake
Face it America, we elected a community organizer, not a statesman. That's our big mistake. You can't expect leadership from a guy who does not like to make decisions. Obama has shown us that in the past two years whenever he faces a real crisis (like the Gulf oil spill). Instead of leading the country, Obama goes and plays golf, or takes another vacation. What a looser! Obama is weak and is making America weak because of HIS actions. We deserve better!

Action to Take
America, learn from your mistakes. This guy is worse than Jimmy Carter - the guy who brought us 17% inflation! Wise up in 2012 and don't repeat the mistake again.

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