Friday, March 4, 2011

Gold Standard Push

Utah Revives the Gold Standard
The Utah State legislature just voted to revive the gold standard. The new legislation will recognize gold and silver coins issued by the Federal Government as legal currency in the state. These coins would legally replace the paper currency used and currently accepted.

The new law would also exempt gold and silver from being charged any state capital gains taxes. This is especially important as the price of both gold and silver are climbing every week. Utah is not the only state doing so. There are eleven other states considering or in the process of passing similar legislation.

Why This Is Important
A piece of paper printed by the government is a promise to pay. That's all it is - a promise. This promise use to be backed-up by gold bullion. We have been off the gold standard since the 1970's.

Since Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve Chairman) has been printing TRILLION$ of dollars any time HE wants, the value of our currency has been steadily falling. Also thank Tim Geithner for borrowing these newly printed dollars by buying US government bonds and putting the USA into deeper debt. (In other words, we are buying our own debt with printed money). Check the local gas station prices for instant verification! We have seen gas prices skyrocket $.40 in ten days in North Carolina. It can't be any better where you live! The same holds true for food prices, clothes, and various other commodities.

This is a deliberate action by the Federal Government that they call "Quantitative Easing." This is a euphemism for "monetizing" the debt. That's a fancy term for "devaluing" or causing the dollar to loose its purchasing power on purpose.

These are Obama's policies. Destroy the purchasing power of our money! It is deliberate, planned, and calculated. He wants this to happen as part of the "fundamental change" he spoke about.

Support the Gold Standard
Anyone who brings gold back as our currency is trying to save you from the pending disaster. This disaster will occur when the rest of the world (countries who depend on the dollar) decides to drop it as the international currency. THIS WILL HAPPEN! Foreign countries have already been meeting secretly and discussing this idea for some time now. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently publically proposed doing just that - Drop the dollar as the medium of exchange world-wide.

Keep your eyes on the gas pumps. Watch your dollars shrink. We are in CRISIS and Congress is piddling around and pussyfooting by cutting spending in Billions - NOT TRILLIONS! The "SHXT" is going to hit the fan - be prepared when it does. Support all efforts to bring back gold as currency here in the USA. Your paper dollars will become worthless. It's guaranteed. Remember the government's promise. (A promise is a wish to a fool).

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