Thursday, March 3, 2011

TSA Has Bigger Plans for Us

You Think It's Bad Now-Just Wait
If you have traveled by airplane recently you know what a joy it is to travel and experience TSA's "friendly approach." If you skip the scanner, you have to be fondled in your private parts by a TSA "screener." (Pervert, would be a better name).

If you're worried about them unionizing, that's child-play! There's much more to be worried about.

All In The Name Of Security
A lot of Americans are OK with this because they think that this infringement of personal liberties actually prevents terrorist attacks. This remains to be seen. Illegal search and seizure really cannot be justified on ANY basis now can it?

Since implementing these intrusive techniques, TSA has NOT prevented numerous illegal weapons from being discovered by their intrusive techniques. However, the Lame Stream media fails to report this and let you know the real facts.

But Wait, There's More Coming
OK, so you still think it's alright to keep this in place at airports. So how about at train stations, stadiums, all public events, public sidewalks, or subways? The TSA is secretly considering to use their body scanners at all of these places WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION! In fact, they already have!

It's in a report titled "Privacy Impact Assessment for the Rail Security Pilot Study Phase II at PATH, July 12, 2006". This report is 176 pages of a government plan to periodically peek under your clothes without you having any knowledge of their invasion of your personal body. This is scary stuff America. Just the idea that the government is thinking about doing this is bad enough, but they have already carried out experiments with this technology in New York. They used a van containing a scanner that x-rayed unsuspecting "victims" on the city streets.

Big Brother Is Here!
The Patriot Act allows the government to search and seize anything of yours that they want without court order. Now they are expanding their ability to scan YOUR BODY without your permission all in the name of "Security." Forget about the radiation!

America, if you're not getting the message, there's little hope for you and your family. This isn't about security any more than it will "protect" you. It's about Big Government taking more and more control over your lives.

Won't this lead to totalitarianism? It's a good start!

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