Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Lame...

Remember The Tea Party Protests?
Do you recall when the Tea Party first hit the scene? The Lame Stream media was not hesitant to criticize them for a variety of things - including being "racists." They reported on the signs and how hateful they were. However, now that the Unions are demonstrating, the Lame Stream media is completely silent about political signs and even violence.

It's true, the media is NOT reporting that the union demonstrations in Wisconsin have been infiltrated by Communists and Socialists who display their signs at every rally. Also absent is ANY objective reporting when it comes to HATE SPEECH or DEATH THREATS at these rallies. Both of these things have occurred on several occasions, but if you're watching MSNBC you will NEVER see them on TV. You'll never know that it is happening because they never report it.

Sick and Tired Yet?
Haven't you had enough of the propaganda being transmitted as the "news"? The Lame Stream media is corrupt and is just another wing of Big Government. They no longer report the news. They feed you what they want to to see and hear. The politicians are the same.

Are you getting the BIG PICTURE of what's really happening in the middle East? Are you being told about why gasoline prices are skyrocketing? Do you even have an idea of how much trouble America is in with the nation debt? We are bankrupt! Are you aware that the dollar is considered as a failing currency and should be dropped as the international currency by the IMF?

Is your head in the sand or don't you care? Wake up America, and start thinking for yourself. Get out of denial and face the music. Stop relying on the traditional media for your information. It's POISON not news! Stop buying newspapers and Progressive magazines. They are brainwashing you!

Try going outside the USA for the REAL news.

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