Friday, April 22, 2011

The 5 War President

Wait a Minute...
Has any leader in history ever succeeded in winning five wars at the same time?

Isn't the number of wars three? No America, it's 5 under President Obama. Obama is actively supporting ILLEGAL wars in the following countries:
  • Afghanistan - since 2001. Bush got us there, but recall that Obama told us that he would get the troops out of Afghanistan ASAP.

  • Iraq - since 2003. Again, Bush put us there, and Obama promised to get us out. So what does he do? Send more troops! We're still waiting...

  • Libya - Obama put us there without ANY Congressional approval. Why are we there at all?

  • Yemen - Wikileaks revealed that Yemen took the responsibility for US military strikes (under Obama).

  • Pakistan - Since 2004. CIA drone attacks started under Bush and continue under Obama. Why has Obama continued?

Where's the Outrage?
The Left was obsessed when Bush started three wars. They blasted him every chance they could. They demonstrated with anti-war protests often. However, there is silence when Obama has commited American military in two more countries. Where is the indignation? Why isn't ANYONE complaining about two more ILLEGAL WARS? Where's Congress? They just sit-back and let it happen without speaking. What's going on here? What are the missions? Who's funding these ILLEGAL WARS? Why are we there? Why hasn't anyone asked Obama to be held accountable?

This Isn't the United States
This is a Fascist regime. The Presidents (Bush & Obama) ignored the Constitution and did whatever they want. They attack countries and don't even have Congress formally declare war. This is in direct violation of the Constitution. Nobody seems to care. Why? Are we all afraid? Afraid of who or what?

We Don't Belong There
We have no business in Libya. Humanatarian reasons were the stated reason for the intervention. Nothing in the Constitution gives the President to do this. Nothing!

Now Libya is turning into a nightmare! We are supporting al Qaida on the ground. Does that make any sense? They want to destroy America. Who's side are we on? Are these decisions by Obama sound? Do you still trust HIS JUDGEMENT? What has he done? He's never fully explained his actions!

Ironic, Big Government is the only legal entity that can use force to achieve its goals. So what are Obama's goals in these five wars? Isn't it time to find out? America is facing a financial crisis, and Obama commits/continues our military to 5 WARS! Does that make any sense? Is Obama's goal to bring America to its' knees? it's working - but Americans remain silent!

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