Thursday, April 21, 2011

S&Ps Warning

Standard and Poors Warning
The S&P just gave the USA a bow shot as a warning that our credit rating is sinking fast. Instead of lowering our rating from "AAA" to something of lesser value, S&P was kind and just cautioned of our pending doom. If this doesn't get the attention of Congress - nothing ever will.

Clonned Representatives
Many of the newly elected Congressional representatives have already been "indoctrinated or Clonned" into the GOP version of Progressive. True Conservatives are labeled as Tea Party radicals. Just look at how the new Reps are voting on the key issues! It's not Conservative! Their record illustrates the point:
  • GOPs voted en masse to re-establish the Patriot Act which nullifies or dillutes the 1st and 4th Amendments.

  • GOPs voted to lower the 2011 budget by $100 Billion dollars and settled for a paltry $38 Billion instead.

  • GOPs promised to cut borrowing and stop spending. Then they "flipped" to approve the 2011 budget which increases borrowing from now to September by over $1 Trillion dollars.

  • Soon the GOP will be voting on raising the debt ceiling. There's already talk that the GOP will cave AGAIN and allow Obama to continue his disasterous economic plans.

The Game Is Over
If the Republican Party (GOP) raises the debt ceiling, then the game is over for America. We will not address going bankrupt and our economy will crash (harder than ever before) and we will become a second-rate country with a much lower standard of living.

Sorry for the gloom and doom but isn't it getting clear? American is in dire trouble and we need to take immediate action to prevent its collapse. Congress is too corrupted to fix anything! Both Parties! If Congress raises the debt ceiling, America will become part of the New World Order.

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