Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Message To Congress

The Electorate is Still Mad
Apparently, the GOP (Grand Old Party alias Republicans) didn't get the message last November. When they were running for office they all promised to cut spending in 2011 by $100 Billion dollars. So when the great negotiator (John Boehner R, OH) finished making a deal, we got a $38.5 Billion dollar cut instead. What the GOP forgot to tell you was that this budget also allowed Obama to borrow an additional $1 Trillion dollars for the 2011 budget. Check your facts. That's no BS!! This was some deal.

The electorate is mad because we do not want Congress to borrow or spend any more money. No, we want Congress to make serious deep cuts. We also do not like LIARS. The GOPs lied to get elected - so what else is new. Taxpayers are also aware that Obama has several new taxes coming in 2014. These are referred to as tax triggers. They are automatic tax increases on EVERYONE - not just the rich. The GOP allowed this to happen. Why?

Taxpayers Know How to Balance a Budget
So why doesn't Congress? Of every dollar the government spends, it borrows 41 cents. That's just crazy! Why are only 59 of the newly elected Congressmen voting to REJECT the 2011 budget? Somehow, this just doesn't add up to the "promises" made in November.

Action To Take
We've got to hold our reps' feet to the fire! We've got to demand that they cut spending and stop borrowing. Keep playing the broken record until they start behaving the way we want them to.

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