Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Continuing Resolution?

You've Got to Be Kidding...
If you haven't been paying attention, Congress is strongly leaning towards passing a third Continuing Resolution to fund the government yet again without a budget. The fact that we have no budget lies with the Democratic Party. They neglected to pass a budget while they controlled all of Congress. Now they are fighting with the Republicans trying to force them to shut-down the government.

Don't Cave-in as Usual
The wussies in the GOP Good-Old-Boy club seem to want to keep the government up and running - even if it means giving Obama more outlandish spending and borrowing. That's just CRAZY. We put the GOP into office to stop the insanity - not extend it over and over again!

Let the Government Shut-Down
Seriously, this isn't the end of the world. Let the government shut-down. Send home government workers for a month or two. Let them feel the pain of meeting obligations, food shopping, and mortgage payments without paychecks coming into the household.

If the government keeps the essential services running, we can live off of what the government collects each month for several months. NO DEFICIT SPENDING! Meanwhile, maybe Congress can actually sit-down and pass a budget that reflects the fact that America is bankrupt.

What's to Loose?
Let the Washington politicians all get caught playing their silly power games and face-up to reality for a change. We need to start cutting government spending. This includes the sacred cows of Medicare and Social Security. We want and NEED spending reforms across the board - including the military!

Start with a Balanced Budget Amendment. Don't let government start back up without it! Hold fast. Watch what will happen. Can America get ANY WORSE than it is now? It will if we don't stop spending and borrowing.

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