Friday, April 8, 2011

We Don't Need the Bureaucracies

Shut It Down
Congress is worried about letting the government shut-down - NOT because they care about YOU! No, they are worried that you will find-out that they really have caused a big mess and this will draw serious attention to it and to THEM! Rightly so! The DEMs had full control over all branches of the government and they chose NOT to create and pass a budget! Who's fault there? Now the DEMs are playing politics and refusing to cooperate to get a budget passed for 2011. Who voted for these clowns anyway? YOU DID!

Pay Attention
If the government shuts-down, start paying attention to what's going on. Stop ignoring the jerks in Washington and watch them closely. All government programs are created to perpetuate themselves and grow. If they are closed-down, watch what happens. People will discover that these institutions and various government departments are really NOT NEEDED! What a surprise!!

Boat Anchors
Take for example, the Federal Department of Education. This "boon-doggle" was created by Jimmy Carter. Since its inception, it has grown and grown to a point where it now spends annually just over $100,000 BILLION dollars. Unfortunately it has very little to show for it. Our education system's test scores have gone down since this dinosaur department was created. All it does is grow, take more taxpayer money, and fail to produce what was promised. The same holds true for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). They were supposed to stop urban blight and create better living conditions in the major cities. Another Failure! Likewise is true for the Commerce Department. We could easily close all three of these departments and NEVER MISS THEM! It would save BILLIONS annually!

Austerity for America's Survival
Why doesn't Obama have a Budget Czar? He's got over thirty Czars and yet he forgot the most important one! We need to start cutting and STOP BORROWING immediately! The legacy institutions don't need to exist if they don't get the job done. Why aren't they ever held accountable? All they do is ask for more money, get bigger budgets, and hire more employees. However, they just continue to fail, fail, fail and we keep allowing them to go on. Why? Instead, these institutions inhibit our freedoms while taking more of our money and failing to succeed. That's just STUPID!

Wonder About This...
Congress needs to eliminate these departments that are sucking the life out if America. But instead, we are six months into a fiscal year without a budget while Congress plays politics instead of resolving America's problems. Isn't it time for a REAL change? Why is it that freshmen in Congress can find significant tax cuts while the old-timers cannot? WHY? Because the Good-Old-Boys (both sides) are too busy doing business as usual. That's not why we elected them is it? Why is it that freshmen in Congress want to try and fix America's debt problems and the Good-Old-Boys do not? Because the Good-Old-Boys don't care about America or YOU. They care about POWER and their own personal wealth.

Action To Take
Observe closely what your reps are doing. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! Let these bastards know that the party is over and it's time to care about America and it's citizens for a change! Tell them not to re-open government until we get a Balanced Budget Amendment!

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