Saturday, April 9, 2011

Boehner Caves...

So Much for Campaign Promises
John Boener's promise to voters lasted just about four months. He and other Republicans promised American voters that they would cut the 2011 budget by $100 Billion dollars. Well, last night the Speaker of the House, threw voters under the bus to support more of Obama's big spending.

Betrayed - as usual
Surprised? Don't be, he's part of the Washington problem. He's a Progressive polictician! Recall that John Boehner (R, OH) supported Obama by voting for the STIMULUS, the Bailouts, and the government take-over of the Auto industry. You shouldn't be surprised that he voted like a politician thinking of himself first.

Proof of Corruption
Don't believe the CRAP in the headlines about Boehner saving the day and avoiding a government shut-down. Last night, the Republican Party lost in the Washington Power struggle. Obama and corruption wins, while America continues to be flushed down the toilet. Power and greed remain unscathed while America and freedom are in deep peril.Too bad for us.

Meet the Old Boss - Same as the New Boss
Feel deceived yet? You should. You were betrayed, stabbed in the back, and thrown under the bus by what the Lame Stream media is praising as a hero. Boehner is no friend of the Tea Party. He's a liar - at best.

It proves that politicians on both sides will say or do ANYTHING to get re-elected. This examplifies why we need new blood in Washington. Somone who is not considered a politician. Someone who only wants to be in office one or two terms Maximum! Meanwhile, the hopes and prayers for America continue. Only now we see that the problem is much worst than ever detected. Progressives are winning in America.

Too Bad for the rest of us. Just watch the decline of a once great country.

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