Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CyberSecurity Plan Attacks Free Speech

New Plans Afoot
Obama wants to control the Internet. His administration will roll-out new plans to work aggressively with foreign nations to "make the Internet more secure, enable law enforcement to work closely on cybercrime and ensure that citizens everywhere have the freedom to express themselves online." This administration is following the advice of Hugo Chavez - Venezula's dictator. He said how important it is to control the media - including the Internet.

Don't kid yourself, when the government tells you that it wants to help make the Internet safer, that means you will loose more freedoms. If you read between the lines of the new proposal, it says that "We reserve the right to use all necessary means - diplomatic, informational, military and economic - as appropriate."

That spells it out. In other words, control is what they are after and they will do anything "necessary" if they feel they are justified. Don't you feel safer already?

Start Worrying
Obama has already tried to take-over the Internet with a cyber security law. That hasn't happened yet. Next he tried regulating the Internet using the FCC as a government shill. The courts said no. This is just another attempt to gain control over the most important information tool of the 21st century. Obama is also following the advice of his pal George Soros who also understands the importance of controlling the media. Soros believes what he says and backs it up by his actions. Soros is directly involved with the major news media, including the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, and NBC. If Soros is involved, you can count on the fact that it is NOT good for freedom or for the United States. He's actively trying to destroy America's economy and our currency. So far, he's a happy camper.

Action To Take
Let the government know that you do not want them to "regulate" the Internet. If they want to protect government Internet connections, have them improve THEIR website security. Tell them to keep the government away from controlling the Internet.

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