Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Government Corruption

Who's It Now?
This time it's Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D, CA). What a surprise! Remember that she's the one who told Americans that we'd have to pass ObamaCare in order to find out what's in the bill! Well, apparently her constituents aren't too pleased with what's in the new law after being able to read it. There are severe consequences for small employers - just like the ones Pelosi represents.

As you may recall there have been roughly 2,000 "exemptions" given by the Obama administration from the new government healthcare law. (These "exemptions" allow those granted them NOT to be forced to comply with the new government mandates). The majority of these exemptions have gone to unions. Namely, they claim that they cannot afford to pay the new required government premiums. The law impels that you buy health insurance whether you want it or not. Now this is causing a ruckus in of all places, California. Ironically (or "coincidentally") in Nanci Pelosi's Congressional District.

The latest to receive government waivers are the posh restaurants and other businesses in the San Francisco area (Pelosi's territory). Government figures report that 20 % of the latest "exemptions" went to these places. Coincidence? We don't think so! This is more like a QUID PRO QUO! You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours!

Government Cronyism
Is it a coincidence that Nanci Pelosi owns wineries in California? Is it a coincidence that Nancy Pelosi's wineries sell their wines to these fancy restaurants in her district? Gee, could there be a conflict of interest here? If it looks like a duck, quacks like ia duck, it IS a duck. This is an example of government cronyism!

This all SMELLS of corruption. Why not a Congressional investigation into who's getting these privileged government waivers? Why not ask what the criteria is for receiving these granted exemptions? How do you request an exemption? Have an individual citizens been granted exemptions? Why? Why Not? Why not also ask who in the Obama administration has the power to grant these special favors? What are the rules for filing?

Action To Take
Demand answers to these questions! Let the real truth be known about the dirty politics (and corrupt politicians) that are going on at American taxpayer's expense. This is no smear. This is corruption at the highest levels of government! This is just another one of those "sweetheart" deals that politicians don't like to talk about! Apparently, if you're connected to the "right" politician, you'll get favors in return. This is no coincidence! Wake up America, you're being hoodwinked once again!

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