Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sold Down The River AGAIN!

House GOP & DEMs Pass Patriot Act Extension HR514
When you weren't looking, Congress sold-out your liberty this past week. It's hard to believe, but last Thursday Congress (the House of Representatives) just agreed to extend the Patriot Act until June 2015! Both Democrats and Republicans voted in favor to abolish YOUR LIBERTIES without flinching! Funny how the Left-Wing media forgot to report this as NEWS! This bill allows the Federal government to do the following:
  • Get roving wiretaps without a judge intervening.

  • Seize ANY tangible things "relevant" to the security of their ILLEGAL investigation (like your computers, bank records, medical records phone records, etc.)

  • Get national wiretaps without a judge intervening.

  • Order you to remain silent and tell no one that the government is investigating you - NOT EVEN YOUR LAWYER!

  • Hold you indefinitely without charging you with ANYTHING!

  • Order electronic monitoring of you for ANY reason that THEY DEEM!

Action To Take
Find out how your representative voted. Then contact them and ask them why they did what they did. Next, contact your US Senators because they vote on this extension next week. Tell them that it violates the First and Fourth Amendment of the Constitution all in the name of "National Security. That's pure government BS! Demand your rights be saved!

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