Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do You Still Trust the Government?

The Stimulus is Working
Is it? The Obama administration keeps bragging on how well the Stimulus is working. They clain to have manufactured millions of new jobs and tightened-up the financial markets. But what they don't tell you is that your Stimulus dollars were sqandered on paying tax deliquent government contractors.

ABC News Reports the Bad Bailouts
ABC News reported that the Federal government granted $24 Billion dollars in Recovery Act funds to vendors and government contractors who actually owe the Fed millions in unpaid taxes. This information comes from the Government Accountability Office. This agency is a nonpartisan agency. Their records show that 3,700 recipients of the Stimulus owe the government more than $750 Million in unpaid taxes. They represent about 5% of all recipients who received Stimulus funds. Why did they receive ANY bailout? Give first - then ask questions later. Unbelievable!

Stimulus Accountability
Isn't not paying your taxes a criminal activity? Did anyone hold those contractors accountable? Does Congress even give a care about where and how your tax dollars were spent (and in this case wasted)? Is it true that tax cheat Tim Geithner was the person who handed out the Stimulus money? How ironic! It's just like the ObamaCare waivers that are being dolled out. They seem to go only to labor unions and Nanci Pelosi's freinds in California.

America - Wake Up
Isn't it time that taxpayers stop getting the Shaft? Start by letting your representatives know you want these individuals investigated. Sick the IRS in them. Hold them accountable like the rest of the world. AND, stop trusting the government to take care of things. They can't, don't, and are imcompetent!

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