Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Much Is Too Much?

News or Treason?
So we killed Bin Laden. The Left-Wing media reported way too much information on the exact details of the mission to kill Bin Laden. We have seen on TV re-enactments of the whole sorted operation. Animations of the actual mission. Why is this necessary? How much information do we need? At what point is news reporting actually helping our enemies?
What's Been Reported
The Left-Wing media has reported the following details:
  • The fact that we used spy satellites to gather intelligence.
  • The details on how we figured-out who to follow to lead us to Bin Laden and how we did it.
  • How long it took US intelligence to figure out where Bin Laden possibly lived.
  • The details on the resolution of the photo images we had on the compound where Bin Laden lived.
  • That the CIA used lasers to "hear" conversations inside Bin Laden's compound.
  • The inside information of how many and what kinds of helicopters we used to pull-off the operation.
  • The exact number of troops we used to perform the operation.
  • The fact that we used specially trained dogs on the operation.
  • The details on the secret stealth helicopters we used on the mission and their purpose.
  • How and why the stealth helicopter crashed.
  • The types of electronic information the USA monitors on a regular basis.
  • How we trained and practiced for the mission.
  • How long the mission took.
  • How many "combatants" were armed and actually shot back at us troops.
  • Who we told and who we didn't tell.
  • Who performed these missions (Navy Seals) and their leadership.
  • That the mission was NOT to capture Bin Laden - but to KILL him.
  • How many hard drives we captured and the information on them.
  • Videos we captured - including the one of Bin Laden watching himself on TV.
  • How many flash drives we captured.
  • Details on what types of actual intelligence we captured and are analyzing.
  • al-Qaida's future plans for attacks - including targets like train stations and proposed time tables.
  • The mission plans and how we actually improvised the plan as it developed.
  • and on and on and on...
Get the point here?

Are All These Particulars Necessary?
Why don't we just include al Quaida on the CIA's mailing list? Americans and our enemies learned way too many specifics on the mission that killed Bin Laden. At what point does this level of dissemination actually help our enemies? At what point can this be considered a treasonous act by the media? Just how stupid is it to tell the world all we found out and how we did it?

Action To Take
Tell Congress you want an investigation into the media leaks. We need to hold these "leakers" accountable for spilling sensitive information. How about some serious jail time for those who did (including the Obama administration officials)?

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