Friday, May 27, 2011

Sold Out AGAIN!

Patriot Act Passed for 4 More Years!
Don't look now, but Americans have been sold down the river by their own Congress for four more years! The House of Representatives voted 250 to 153 to renew the Patriot Act! Only 31 House GOPs voted AGAINST it. Was your representative one of those? You need to find out so you can decide to vote for them next time! Only 54 DEMs voted for it!

The Patriot Act passed in the US Senate by a whopping margin of 72 to 23! Only 19 DEMs and JUST 4 Republicans voted against it! Un-FRIGGIN' believable!! Senator Ron Paul said "You don’t have to give up your liberty to catch criminals. You can catch criminals and terrorists and protect your liberty at the same time...” He was one of 4 GOPs who voted against the bill. (And you thought that the Republicans were on your side? THINK AGAIN! This shows that you can't trust the Republicans either!

Was The Passage Legal?
Even though the Patriot Act passed Congress, it needed to be signed into law by the President before 12:00 AM this morning. However, Obama is out of the country. So the government used (for the first time)
, an electronic meas for Obama to "sign" it. We're not sure, but we don't think that's what the Framers had in mind when they specified the process of ratification of legislation.

OK, suppose the electronic means IS legal. Just because it's never been done doesn't mean that it it legal or not. Shouldn't the courts decide?

What about the fact that this law VIOLATES the First and Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. Shouldn't the Supreme Court have a say in its legality? Why isn't anyone challenging the Patriot Act? Answer: Congress is full of cowards who do NOT obey their oath of office to defend the Constitution.

Let's face reality America. Congress (Democrats and Republicans) can't be trusted any longer. They are NOT looking out for YOU or YOUR rights!

Action To Take
Remember how your House and Senate representatives voted to diminish YOUR liberties and freedoms. Vote for Tea Party candidates when the incumbents are up for re-election. Don't' Get Fooled Again! Never trust the incumbents again.

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