Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Deliberate Action

Bankruptcy Policy
Is Obama deliberately trying to bankrupt America? This is not a preposterous question when you take a serious look at his policies and activities. Obama knows that America has a $14.4 TRILLION dollar debt. He knows it and yet he wants to keep spending and spending.

He recently offered Greece a bailout, and now he's giving Libya $1 BILLION dollars of newly printed money by Ben Bernanke. These actions are deliberate and not without consequence.

"Fundamentally Change America"
Before the election, Obama promised CHANGE but he never explained the details of what he meant by "Change." Unfortunately, now Americans are finding out. Also unfortunately, only about half of the country is onto his idea of change. The other half thinks that Obama is the greatest President ever. Meanwhile, our standard of living is slipping away and America is being flushed down the toilet into BANKRUPTCY.

Obama keeps repeating the same behavior. Americans want to believe that he is trying to fix our economic problems. But is you step back and take a hard look, you can also reach a very different conclusion.

Spend into Oblivion
Obama is spending more money than any President in the history of America. He's averaging $1 Trillion for each year he's in office. And yet, things are NOT getting any better. Food prices are going higher and higher. Gasoline is at record highs and he does not permit drilling when we have shortages. Unemployment is extended and gruesome. Obama is regulating coal-electric generation plans to close - forcing higher energy costs to consumers. Why? That's all deliberate. His administration keeps telling us that everything is OK. Does it feel OK to you? Does it really? Have you ever seen unemployment last this long and be so bad - ever in your lifetime?

Obama has bailed-out the automobile industry, the housing markets, the banks, and more. It has not done what bankruptcy would have done. He has bailed out financial institutions. The same institutions that should have been allowed to collapse. He's rewarding the bad behavior of those who have contributed to America's economic problems.

Obama keeps finding ways of spending more money. He has initiated 2 ILLEGAL wars that are costing BILLIONS! Why is America in 4 wars at the same time? That just makes no sense at all - unless you are deliberately trying to collapse the country by over spending it to DEATH!

Time to Start Questioning
It's time thinking America. It's also time to realize that America is sinking fast. Regardless of how the government spins what's going on, does it make any sense to you? Why haven't they started CUTTING spending? Why haven't they stopped printing (inflating) our money? Because it is a deliberate plan that they are following.

Don't Get Caught Short
Not much you can do about the corruption in Washington. We've seen what little impact voting has had on Congress. They have NO MORALITY. Even the newly elected Congressmen voted to renew the Patriot Act to eliminate your personal freedoms.

You need to make a plan for you and your immediate family. What will you do when the dollar collapses? Your credit cards will become worthless. Your savings too. What will you do? Will you be screaming for the government to help or will you be prepared to help someone else out? How much food do you have in your house? Can you rely on yourselves or are you totally dependent on getting the government to "solve" your problems. There's still time to make a plan and prepare - but not much. Watch the dollar. It is loosing value each and every day. When it crashes - will you crash too?

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