Monday, June 13, 2011

Obama's Sneaky Regulations

Cass Sustein
Remember that name. That's Obama's Regulatory Czar. Here' s his photo:

This is the face of America's number one BRAINWASHER!! He's working with all government departments to take control over your daily lives. He wrote the book titled "Nudge Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness."

Nudge - According to Sustein, a nudge is anything that influences our choices. He says when YOU KNOW (not YOU but HIM) what's best for people they have to be nudged in order to make the "right" decisions. You still allow them to decide, but you direct them into making the decision that YOU want them to follow. Those who are in a position to shape our decisiveness can overreach and persuade us to follow their way. Gee, isn't that like brainwashing?

Sustein says that every day people procrastinate too much and are too slow to decide things for themselves. He implies that the ELITES (like HIM) know best. When you want to "Fundamentally Change America" this needs to happen fast. He also believes that the world has gotten "too complex" for poor little us to fathom. We're too unsophisticated to delve through the complexities of mortgages, taxes, and other "complex" things. Sustein also believes that when people deal with High Stake decisions they do it the same way as any old every day-to-day decision. (We don't treat the hard decisions well and need a "nudge to move in HIS direction). In other words, he likes to "Stack the Deck" in HIS favor. Isn't this a form of FASCISM?

Obama realized this and ILLEGALLY appointed Sustein as "Regulatory Czar" (a made-up position without Senatorial approval) in charge of ALL government agencies!! Smart huh? Now Obama can "regulate" (nudge) things HIS way if Congress does NOT cooperate with him. Who needs Congress anyway? For example, when Obama tried to pass Cap & Trade it failed in Congress. So he got Cass Sustein to "regulate" using the Environmental Protection Agency instead!

Obama's latest SNEAKY REGULATION is soon to come. It will be rolled out in pieces over time so you don't see it coming before it's too late to scream! This new set of "regulations" force power companies to shut-down a significant number of coal-fired electricity plants by 2014!!

Note: America gets over 46% of its electricity from coal. Obama HATES COAL even though we have the world's largest coal reserves! Make sense to you? It doesn't unless you understand what the plan really is for America. Consumers under these regulations will see their electric bills jump an estimated 40 - 60 PERCENT!! Obama wants this to happen!!

Net Effect
The nudge there is to make Americans go to alternate sources for their energy requirements! This back door approach to SCREWING you into submission is Obama's way of saying "welcome Aboard America."

Action To Take
Start SCREAMING NOW ABOUT OVER REGULATION! Let your voices be heard clearly in Washington!

And most important, Throw-out this administration in the next election in 2012!

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