Sunday, June 5, 2011

Can Cain Pull It Off?

Republican Debates
Herman Cain made his first national appearance in the Republican debates in South Carolina last month. No one seemed to have heard of him before that. Former executive of Godfather's Pizza has the reputation for telling it like it is! (His alias is "the pizza guy"). The best part is that Cain is NOT a politician in any sense of the word. He has NO political record whatsoever.

A recent Gallop poll showed that Cain had the highest voter intensity score of ANY GOP presidential candidate so far. His name recognition has risen over 16 points since March. The voter intensity score beats Romney and Palin by a landslide. Straw polls at the Tea Party Patriots convention in February made Cain the big winner. But can he pull it off like Obama did in 2008?

GOP Lacks What Cain Offers
It's sad but true, that Cain offers and satisfies the voter's desire to become enamored with a candidate - just like what happened with Obama! Herman Cain captivates his audiences. He describes what he calls "common sense business solutions." He makes you believe he can solve the nation's debt crisis - just like he saved the pizza company he commanded.

The Tea Party people love him BECAUSE he's NOT a politician! After all, who needs experience. Look at Obama. He's the perfect example of NO experience and then being made President. Cain has built up some strong loyalty in early primary states by making his presence known earlier that the other candidates! For example, Cain has been to New Hampshire 13 times already!

Herman Cain actually energizes his audiences. They like HIS directness and straight-forward talk. They find him refreshing and not just another political "suit" from Washington, DC. The Good-Old Boys like Carl Rove have already dismissed Herman Cain as little more than a good personal narrative. Is he right?

Cain's Message
Referring to the Good-Old-Boys in Washington, Cain says "They don’t get it," he said. "There is a big disconnect between the quote unquote establishment and regular folks. The people on the ground get it." In other words, he speaks for the people instead of AT the people! And, he doesn't rely on polling before giving his speeches. He speaks from the heart - not from a teleprompter!

Cain's central message and political platform is to abolish the Federal Income tax! Instead he wants to impose a so called "Fair Tax." It's not clear if he also want to abolish the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as other fair tax proponents do.

In a new campaign video, he throws his arms around a group of white people and declares, "To all those people who say the Tea Party is a racist organization: Eat your words."

Cain says that Liberals "are scared to death of me. They don’t want me to go up against their beloved Obama. I have done stuff, fixed stuff, can explain stuff and run stuff. He’s been a community organizer, he’s got failed policies. He reads from the teleprompter, I don’t. I’ve got common-sense solutions, he passes 2,700-page legislation. The contrast would be so obvious, and when you get past all of the quantitative stuff, they can’t use race to cover for him."

Only time will tell. But you must always remember that NOTHING is impossible!

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