Sunday, June 26, 2011

Left-Wing Bias Flourishes

CBS Is Biased
Apparently if you're a third-place GOP finisher in Iowa you don't count! Was this a racial decision by CBS? It certainly was no accident. CBS omitted candidate Herman Cain in a new Iowa poll of GOP presidential contenders. Cain is the only African American GOP candidate in the Presidential race. Cain finished third in Iowa and wasn't even mentioned. Maybe that was an accident. Maybe not.

No Accident
Repeat behavior by CBS occurred on TV's "Face the Nation" show when moderator Bob Schieffer passed-over Herman Cain when he said that Romney and Bachman were almost dead even. Wouldn't you like to know who finished next and by what percent? Apparently Shieffer didn't!!

Why the Prejudice?
We can't say for sure, except that it is plain that CBS DID discriminate whether they admit it or not. The proof is there for all to observe in their record. Their lack of reporting showed a NEGATIVE preconception towards a BLACK candidate. WHY?

So should you trust CBS for unbiased reporting on the Presidential elections coming. Hardly! If they cannot get the GOP race correct and unfiltered, you can't expect them to get it correct and unbiased when the final race takes place.

What's The Point?
This is just another example of the Left-Wing media's hypocrisy and their lack of objectivity. And the Left is always the first to play the race card!

You need to be AWARE of this lopsided journalism and not be influenced by the CBS PREJUDICE!! Keep your eyes and ears opened and don't be brainwashed by these charlatans who are masters of propaganda.

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