Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What TSA Didn't Tell You

Thank God for the Freedom of Information Act
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created to protect the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. Well, that's what the Congress said when it was established. But now it has morphed into another Big Government organization that will soon be unionized. What's worse than Federal employees being unionized? Working as a TSA agent! The Freedom of Information Act was used to gather information about TSA that they don't want you to know anything about.

It seems that TSA is afraid that they would provoke more public resistance to their naked body scanners used at the airports because new evidence has been uncovered. No they're not strip-searching another 95 year old Cancer patient, they are covering up the fact that there is a huge surge in reported cases of cancer of TSA workers. It is suspected that the reason for this increase in cancer among TSA workers is due to the fact that they work in close proximity to the body scanners. Recall, we were all told that these full body scanners are as safe as a few xrays! Apparently, this is NOT TRUE!

TSA representatives in Boston discovered "cancer Clusters" among TSA workers linked with radiation to their body scanners. TSA didn't want to let anyone know about this and those that did were refused the use of dosimeters used to measure levels of radiation exposure.

So lets get this straight. The body scanners are NOT safe for humans because those who work near the machines are developing cancer in large numbers. TSA workers are denied any protection from the radiation by not being allowed to wear protective badges that measure radiation doses. If they did, they would know when they reached unsafe levels and could avoid cancer. Sounds like a law suit doesn't it?

And... What about airline passengers who are frequent fliers? Aren't they also subject to the same dangers as the TSA employees? Shouldn't they have been warned about these dangers? No, the TSA Department just dismissed these "allogations" and avoided any confrontations - allowing people to work under dangerous conditions. Incredible!

Time To Protest Loudly
Isn't it time to protest? If you fly, you should! Get your state representatives to draft new legislation that makes TSA scanners and their ILLEGAL body searches a felony - like Texas and Michigan are doing! This cannot be allowed to endanger the public or their employees. This cannot be allowed to continue violating the 4th Amendment of ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE.

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